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Are You qualify for NNHSA student membership, if yes:

  • a student enrolled full-time in an NNHSA-accredited Research program under various International Research Scientists and professionals.

  • a student enrolled in a Nutrition, Dietetics or Food Research program that has a transfer agreement with one or more NNHSA accredited Research programs;

  • a student enrolled full-time for community Research Programs.


Note: Students enrolled full-time in graduate-level Research programs may choose any membership grade for which they are eligible, including “student member.”

Resources for Students

Looking for a job after college? Visit the Career to search for jobs by location, salary, discipline, and receive a biweekly newsletter of the latest openings.

As a student member, you are eligible for NNHSA Events. NNHSA offers scholarships for higher education, undergraduate, and graduate students.

NNHSA student members can view a number of Free Web seminars on topics such as ethics and professional development.

News of the Profession

As you prepare for a Nutrition and Dietetics career, you'll receive the digital edition of NNHSA, the only magazine dedicated to the Nutrition Professionals profession. The magazine is packed with articles covering the latest issues in licensing, education, employment, ethics, legal and liability issues, and other topics.

Members-only e-newsletters, like NNHSA Update, offer the latest news on shifting trends and new technologies.

Networking Opportunities

Through national Interest Groups and local events, student members can begin building a network of colleagues across the country and in their area.

Each year, the NNHSA Annual Meeting brings together Nutrition and Dietetics, clients, and vendors to make important connections. The Young Engineers' Forum, free for students and young engineers, is held during the Annual Meeting and covers topics designed by fellow young professionals to help you achieve your professional goals and provides the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the country.

Several universities have established, Under UGC that give student members a chance to participate in local outreach efforts and network with fellow engineering students.

Discounted Products & Services

Student membership entitles you to deep discounts on a wide variety of publications including seminars, conferences, workshops, and practical training sessions under specific professionals.

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