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Healthy Survival Nowadays

Now the Era started in which people are covering their self in glass cabinets where there is no availability of natural air and breath for the people, those living very lavishly inside.

They are literally behaving like don't have mind to analyze the reality of their own survival. Then no oxygen important to survive for that they are using air conditioners to make their promisors cold and to supply oxygen to their organism doesn't matter they are spoiling environment they are creating heat and contributing in Environmental temperature enhancement. Because they don't need anyone, they need only themselves their family their own life. Everybody know that the water in plastic containers or plastic bottles is carcinogen and cancerous and now we are at this level as per research declared by WHO in 2025 80% population will be cancer affected. Thus, is only caused by pollution all around - in food, in soil, in water and in whole environment, causing diseases and effecting our life and health directly. Only our own efforts towards environment prevention from pollution can save our life as well other creature on earth to support human life.

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