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Plastic and Planet

Now we are intelligent enough to understand the diseases the technical terms the science the researches the innovations the strength of the human organism and its brain. I am surprised why we are not able to realize the need of our own survival why we are running for paper money why we are not working for real resource production I am talking about food.

I can understand more money earned by any profession by any skill or by any way may give us purchasing power but. If the food will not available if the water will not available if the air will not pure how is it possible for all us to buy the food for survival in this planet. In our own home are on planet every creature have a role to play for his own survival even the plants we think ok they can't speak they can't move but the All plant have a sense of pollination for reproduction and birds and insects are playing very important role.

Human are killing birds, insects by using pesticides, chemical fertilizer, to satisfying are our own needs and greed.

A Research published from Canada, over 37 million Honey bees have been found dead in Canada after gm of corn was planted recently in the local areas. According to report some local beekeepers believe new Neonics a poison is to blame for the influx of bee’s death. Approximately 600 hives. Only bees responsible for pollinating about one sixth of the flowering plant species worldwide and approximately 400 different agriculture type plants. Think at least once what will happen if bees will die as per research according to scientist if the whole specie of the Bees will die, we will survive only for 20 days in this planet. What exactly our farmers are doing nowadays we all need to understand and make them understand the reality the fact behind agriculture in farming in food production for human survival for healthy survival for healthy planet.

One More big challenge we created only for our self is single use plastic the mountains of garbage we created it is the only history created by human organisms. Everybody know that plastic is dangerous many countries stop their use completely but still people are using the same.

Every sensible human brain can analyze the situation that no organism is disease-free nobody is a show that as it was produced by two organisms healthy from birth he will survive with the disease free organism to complete the lifespan till end nobody is giving the surety for sure treatment or cure for any infection any disease for any congenital deformity. Now people are dying due to hunger due to malnourishment due to deficiency not by the unavailability of food. They are dying due to availability of poisonous food.

And the toxic and poisonous food grown only by human for human to raise paper money. There is saying I heard from one of my best friend Dr Poonam Sharma that money can't buy status I wish to add a line also in the same money can't buy mental strength also to think to analyze to realize.

Here I would like to say that people are only responsible to kill them to kill their own organism to destroy their own species. Most of the human organism lost their mental power to think to analyze to realize the things happening around everybody is running for gaining paper money not for food production enhancement not for environment betterment not for water management.

Only education about human existence can make people more aware about life, survival, environment and future survival.

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