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Malnutrition in India

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

A severely malnourished organism, will die for sure before completing lifespan due to infections caused by other strong organisms, for example; bacteria, virus, parasites, fungus, or killed by the similar specie for their survival in competition to utilize available limited resources provided by nature or created by human only.

As we all know that there are so many single cell organism live in the planet there is nothing surprising that the whole reproduction process complete without sexual involvement, emotions, intimacy, hormones, reproductive, age sensations, feelings, and process to multiply all done in a single organism, So how many of you present here know the truth that who came first hand or egg?

To continue the discussion healthy food healthy planet each organism including human made up of some selected naturally found Chemicals they are carbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen electrolytes phytochemical gases salts vitamins and minerals.

And to get all kind of nutrients we need to eat food the food we get from the nature only either from plant sources or from animal sources. The metal which is seriously concerned with the availability of the food is depends on the replenishment of the food sources. If we will not think about to regrow or how to replant the food sources it may possible, they will not available for our future generation. For example, after 10 to 20 years drinking water may not available as it is available now and one another example I can give the fruit trees near around are societies almost vanish it is also possible we will not see them again and the fruit will be 100% commercially available. Now we can claim 90% fruits commercialized.

Only in our country if they are not talking about politics or political point of view there are 1.30 CR population if the 50% adult intelligent human brain will at least think about their own survival and start planting trees and saving water they can recover not only the soil health the fruit scarcity they can save specie of many birds and animals also along with their own healthy survival. For this awareness should be there at young population and in the same direction the decision should be implement at ground level.

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