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Nutrition/Dietetics Internships

If you’re seeking a career as a nutritionist or a dietitian, there are several important steps that you must complete. While most people are aware of the need for completing a dietetic education, a requirement that many people are not aware of is completing a nutrition internship.


Usually occurring once your degree program has been completed, a nutrition internship will give you the real-world experience that you need to be a successful nutritionist or dietician.

Anyone interested in a dietetic career needs to get more information about nutrition internships and what they include. Learn more about nutrition internships and find out your options for completing vital work experience requirements for becoming a dietetic professional.

Importance of Training and Internship


There are two reasons that completing a nutrition internship is important. First and foremost, supervised work experience is a requirement for being licensed as a dietitian or nutritionist in the majority of states in the country. Second, participating in a nutrition internship gives you valuable real-world experience that will lead to a more successful career as a dietetic professional.

During the course of your nutrition internship, you will perform the same tasks as a fully licensed dietician or nutritionist. For example, you will interact with clients, develop meal plans, and educate people about proper nutrition. Once you have completed your nutrition internship, you will have all the skills necessary to work as a successful nutritionist.


Option after Internship

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics

  • Schools

  • Medical & Paramedical Colleges

  • Child Care Centres

  • Small health care centers.

  • Non- Govt- Organisation

  • Companies 

  • Gym and Fitness Centers

Home Science

  • Food Science- Nutrigenomics, Ergonomics, Food Economics, Dietetics, Therapeutic nutrition, and Critical care Medical Nutrition Therapy, Diabetic Educators, Weight management and wellness food, Onco-Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, Geriatric, again, Cardiac Nutrition, Hematological nutrition, maternal care, and pre-gestation and post-gestation nutrition care, sports nutrition, athlete, bodybuilding and wrestling, etc.  

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