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NNHSA Team welcomes you to India's largest Nutrition and allied health sciences association to share a common platform to grow together...


Why Become an NNHSA Member: Do not ask what NNHSA has done for you; ask what you have done for NNHSA.

The following are beneficial factors that engulf an NNHSA member for his personal, professional family, and social aspects as well 
CME: After completion of your professional education, NNHSA offers you CME by means of lectures and expertise from various professionals in the State. This forum proves as a laboratory to test various vital issues and to derive advantage of our prized profession.  

Incredible Indian Healing Technique: Come along and join us for Indian Healing Practice for Better Health at a low cost and enrich Your Research: You are entitled to enhance your research aptitude by mobilization of NNHSA resources.  

Present To Prosper: This forum offers you endless opportunities to prepare, present and publish your research papers and other interesting and beneficial study materials.

Share To Shine: Though you may update your knowledge via the internet, magazines, journals, etc., NNHSA facilitates the agenda for Natural Health Sciences Professionals in creating opportunities for discussions and deliberations, to share and have debates and round-tables over a variety of essential subjects and day-to-day problems in your practice.  


Tour To Study: You shall gain access to many health care centers all over India during your study tour through NNHSA.  


Voice Your Skills: NNHSA makes you amply competent and showers you with confidence to shed your inhibitions and go all out in addressing your thoughts.  

Vocational Skills Development: The forum offers you plenty of probabilities to exhibit your extraordinary expertise and get them recognized by society as well.


Lead From the Front: NNHSA positively offers tremendous opportunities to develop your leadership qualities and increase your interpersonal relations. This will prove to be a lot more useful in your personal life as well.  


Refer To Whom:  You Prefer will provide you with instant access to your co-professionals all over India by means of its collection of contacts and addresses. The forum also proves to be an able-handed instrument in discussing and treating the problematic individuals and referring them as well.  

NNHSA Annual Magazine: NNHSA members are provided with the opportunity to make avail of a periodical Annual Magazine, along with other important information.  


Professional and Practice Upliftment: It is in this forum that you have many opportunities to improve your practice, as your expertise is made known to all by various modes of Communication.  


Personal Upliftment: Your personal esteem and dignity will find a new high when you interact with members and exhibit the best of your human relations.  


Ultra-Update: As a member of NNHSA, you are automatically eligible to be updated with any change in the policies and regulations for Nutrition and AYUSH professionals of the Government.  


Professional Collaborators: NNHSA gives you an incredible opportunity to take off time and get together and make friends, amidst a grinding daily schedule.

Superior Citizen: Your personality as a constituent in the community will definitely be bolstered when you are looked at as a member of NNHSA by the general public.  





Membership of the Association is open to individuals who has attained the Age of Maturity (18 years of age) and is a qualified professionals in the field of Nutrition, Dietetics and other Natural Health Sciences, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Alternative medicines, Yoga, Reiki, Hydrotherapy and Naturopathy etc. (as elaborated in details in Para 6 (v) of Memorandum of the Association) would be eligible to join the Association to promote of the role of Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences in the society. Keeping under the consideration modern age requirements of information technology infusions in the workspace few selected / nominated IT industry professionals will also be considered for membership of the Association for operations and maintenance of information technology assets of the Association.



There shall be three types of membership as mentioned hereunder: -



Signatories to the Memorandum of Association as desirous persons and who are also the Members of First Governing Body shall be called Founder Members of the Association and jointly, they will be called as Board of Founder Members.



All individuals who have attained the age of maturity and who fulfills the Terms & Conditions of the Association, may apply to the President through General Secretary, on a prescribed form, to become a Life Member of the Association. The request so received shall be placed by the General Secretary, in consultation with the President, before the Governing Body and the Governing Body may approve or disapprove name of the applicant. Association shall enroll such person as a Life Member of the Association on submission of One Time Life Membership Fee.



All individuals who have attained the age of maturity and who fulfills the Terms & Conditions of the Association, may apply to the President through General Secretary, on a prescribed form, to become a Periodic Member (5 years / 3 years / 1 year) of the Association. The request so received shall be placed by the General Secretary, in consultation with the President, before the Executive Body and the Executive Body may approve or disapprove name of the applicant for the period for which membership is asked for. The Association may / may not enroll such person as a Periodic Member of the Association on submission of One Time Periodic Membership Fee.



The Governing Body may enroll any person as Honorary Member for a period of One year only. This period may be extended in case of a specific person, as deem fit, by the Governing Body.

NOTE: If membership is not approved by the Governing / Executive Body the reason for refusal shall be communicated to the concerned applicant.



Application for membership shall be submitted in the prescribed form along with prescribed fees and relevant documents. Application will be placed before the Governing / Executive body, as the case may be, in its forthcoming meeting for their approval for the inclusion of new applicant in the Association as a member in the approved category. Once executive committee approves membership of the individual the new member will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Membership’ duly signed by the President and General Secretary.



The membership fee and the subscription shall be as under: -


            (i)        One Time Life Membership Fee: INR 6,000/-


            (ii)       One Time Periodic Membership Fee: -


                        (aa).   5 Years Membership Fee  : INR 3,000/-

                        (ab).   3 Years Membership Fee  : INR 2,000/-

                        (ac).    1 Years Membership Fee  : INR 1,000/-


Account Name - Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association

Account No - 10052839086

IFSC - IDFB0020108

Branch Name - Rajouri Garden


NOTE: The membership fee can be changed by the Governing Body of the Association as and when required with effect from a given effective date.

NNHSA gives you an elite representation everywhere and makes you dignified on lots of societal occasions. You become one of the most sought-after members by various social service and voluntary organizations.  

Savior In Crisis: NNHSA is undoubtedly a savior in a crisis, as its unity is the strength. It is through a coordinated effort that NNHSA stands up and delivers in an emergency. 

Collective Bargaining: There is immense scope for the betterment of our collective bargaining capacity by way of our NNHSA co-operative/supportive society. You are also bound to be financially benefited when you go in for purchases of equipment, etc.  

Service Is God: Service to humanity, done by an individual may be curtailed.

As an association, NNHSA can cater to Paramedical and societal services to many a cross-section of people in the society. NNHSA provides avenues to its members to cater to humankind and also to put their profession to the best of use to the world. In this way, a member gains and preserves the goodwill and blessings of many a needy lot.  

Community Development:  Numerous projects for the welfare of the community are being done in co-operation with NNHSA Members who can participate in the forum's free medical camps, awareness camps and other voluntary services done for the poor and needy.  


Protector: Members are insured against misfortune. Members are safe with unity. Quackery Eradication: NNHSA will constantly fight against quackery.


Union Is Strength: NHTSA's strength is in its unity and this union will always support you to the hilt, come what situation may.  


VIP Connections: Problems, relating to practice and personal, will be solved at the earliest by way of NNHSA's connection with stalwarts in every town.  


Job on Hand: NNHSA also offers good scope for employment opportunities to the dependents of members.  


Privileges: NNHSA offers you many privileges in the corporate world and as a member; you are entitled to enjoy the benefits by way of several discounts on various commodities. 



  • A key to share a common platform under one roof to achieve a common goal.

  • An opportunity to fulfill demand and supply in one place.

  • A platform to grow a career by joining hands together with skills and knowledge with expertise.

  • A platform Where are opportunities generated by members and offer two members.

  • A platform to become a professional family member to get growth in career.


The Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Health Association Registration Under Rule 4 on the basis of qualification and experience. Students completing any of Certification, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, Post Graduate, Doctorate course can register his/her name as a registered member of NNHSA and can enjoy all the benefits of membership with India's Largest Association. 

NNHSA Welcomes you to associates with us to work together, to grow more, to support each other. You can contribute the knowledge or an idea to get support, we are ready to welcome you with an open heart.


Thanks for submitting!

After Successful Submission of online form it is mandatory to submit the Pdf form along with required documents. All Instructions are given on the pdf form attached below. 

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