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Vision 2020-25: “Kuposhan Mukt Bharat Abhiyan”.- Free from malnutrition, across the life cycle.

  •  The National Nutrition Strategy is committed to ensuring that every child, adolescent girl, and woman attains optimal nutritional status– especially those from the most vulnerable communities. 

  • The focus is on preventing and reducing undernutrition across the life cycle- as early as possible, especially in the first three years of life. 

  • This commitment also builds on the recognition that the first few years of life are forever – the foundation for ensuring optimum physical growth, development, cognition and cumulative lifelong learning.

Objectives and targets:

  • 3 point percentage/year reduction in underweight prevalence in children (0-3 years) by 2022 from NFHS-4 levels

  • 1/3rd reduction in anemia in children, adolescent & Women of Reproductive Age (WRA)

Key strategic areas of action

  • Governance reform

  • Leading by example

  • Convergence

  • Prioritize action

  • Intensification of Counselling to reach the critical age group

  • Continuum of care

  • Innovative service delivery models

  • Community-based monitoring

  • Enabling actions

Nutrition specific interventions

  • Infant and Young Childcare and Nutrition

  • Infant and Young Child Health

  • Maternal Care, Nutrition and Health

  • Adolescent care, nutrition, and Health

  • Addressing micronutrient deficiencies- including anemia

  • Community nutrition (Interventions addressing community)

 Funding (leveraging):

  •  National Health Mission

  •  National Nutrition Mission

  •  Integrated Child Development Scheme

  •  Swachh Bharat Mission

  •  Increased provision of 25% flexi funds for States in Centrally sponsored schemes

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DR Brijesh Byrappa NNHSA MEMBER
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